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Zone:  9-12 (Treat as an annual).  

Height:  30-40 cm (12-16 in)

Spread:   35-75 cm (14-30 in)

Growth:  Perennial in warm, dry areas, making a small, evergreen shrub.  In the Solanaceae family (includes tomatoes), all parts are potentially toxic, so be cautious with this plant.  (See Plant Info)

Flower:  Insignificant, at leaf nodes on stem.

Fruit:  Orange/red berries (with seeds) form at the leaf nodes on the stem, held in a papery husk (like tomatillo or ground cherry)

Light:  Full sun to part shade

Water:  Minimal

Soil:  Poor, with good drainage

ASHWAGANDA (Withania somnifera)

  • The roots of Ashwaganda, or Indian gensing, is the source of an ancient, traditional Ayurvedic medicine.  The roots (dried) are used in powered or tincture form and known as a strong adaptagen.  The seeds are a source of vegan curdling agent for making cheese.