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Zone:  10+ (grow here as an annual)

Height:  40 cm (16 in)

Spread:  40 cm (16 in)

Bloom:  Yellow thimble-shaped flowers, many with brown or red circle on top (also called "eyeball plant") - summer through fall

Foliage:  Dark green with dark red tones

Light:  Full sun

Water:  Moderate

Soil:  Average, moist but well-drained

Garden Location:  Pot or front of perennial bed; striking contrast in foliage and flower.

Spilanthes oleracea (Toothache plant)

  • Many common names indicate the many uses of Spilanthes oleracea (now botanically Acmella oleracea).  Young leaves are edible (raw in salads or cooked) and quite a taste experience:  spicy, citrusy, tingling, numbing, pungent and effervescing.  Traditional medicinal uses are multiple, and always include treating toothache and throat and gum infections.