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Zone:  4-8

Height/Spread:  2.0-3.0 meters (6-10 feet)

Foliage:  Grape leaves are special.  Use them to line serving plates and stuff for summer treats (dolmades).  Deciduous.

Fruit:  Jewel-like seedless red grape clusters ripen early (September) for delicious fresh eating (very sweet, with unusual strawberry flavour)

Light:  Full sun to some shade (but, really, mostly sun!)

Water:  Moderate; water deeply to send roots down and establish drought tolerant, woody vine

Soil:  Best in sandy, silty, pebbly soils with good drainage

Garden locations:  Support with wire, metal or wooden trellis or arbour

GRAPE 'Einset' seedless (Vitis hybrid)

  • Vines will produce 15-30 pounds of fruit after 2-3 years and  must be pruned hard in the spring and trimmed again in late summer for maximum sun on fruit.

    Grape vines are a handsome structural addition to any garden.  They can be trained to grow over arbours and around fences where they can create a living barrier or enclosed space.