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Zone:  3-8

Height:  60-90 cm. (2-3 ft.)

Spread:  30-60 cm. (1-2 ft.) 

Growth:  Basal clump with multiple sturdy stems

Flower:  Classic "daisy" shape of light pink-purple or light yellow or orange petals with large orange-bronze central boss or "cone."  Blooms first year; early into mid-summer.  

Foliage:  Medium green, lance-shaped leaves 

Environment:  Full sun to part shade; good drainage-dry to moist soils

Garden locations:  Sunny perennial beds, wildflower areas, Butterfly garden

Echinacea purpurea 'Cheyenne Spirit' (Purple coneflower)

  • Small seeds from "cone" are popular with songbirds late in the summer to fall.