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Zone:  8-11 (grow here as an annual)

Height:  120-210 cm (4-7 ft)

Spread:  90-120 cm (3-4 ft)

Bloom:  Tiny ruby-red flowers on dense spikes - summer through fall

Foliage:  Dark green with red tones (red stems)

Light:  Full sun (at least 5 hr) to part shade

Water:  Moderate

Soil:  Not rich, well-drained

Seed:  Very small pink/red disks cooked as a cereal-type grain

Garden Location:  Perennial bed; good contrast in front of dark foliage.  Nice with ornamental grasses.

Amaranthus hypochondriacus (Prince's feather)

  • Amaranths are handsome and multipurpose plants.  Young leaves and seeds are edible.  Traditional medicinal uses are multiple, but not well documented.  If happy in its environment, it will sow itself, but is easy to control.