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Zone:  8-11 (grow here as an annual)

Height/Drop:  90-120 cm (3-4 ft)

Spread:  30-90 cm (1-3 ft)

Bloom:  Tiny lime-green flowers on dense drooping tassels- summer through fall

Foliage:  Mid-green

Seed:  All amaranth seed is edible

Light:  Full sun (at least 5 hr) to part shade

Water:  Moderate

Soil:  Not rich, well-drained

Garden Location:  Nice hanging over stone wall or in large container.  Excellent for contrast.

Amaranthus caudatus 'Green Tails' (Tassel flower)

  • Amaranths are handsome and multipurpose plants.  Young leaves and seeds are edible.  Traditional medicinal uses are multiple, but not well documented.