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Zone 4-6

Height:  3-6m [12-20']

Spread:  1-2m [3-5']

Bloom:  Small white flowers in early summer along last year's stems

Foliage:  Handsome, shiny leaves cover stems

Light:  Sun to part shade (best fruit production in full sun)

Water:  Medium moisture (plant is deeply-rooted)

Soil:  Prefers acidic, well-drained, rich soil

Garden location:  Requires sturdy support and full access for pruning and harvesting


Actinidia arguta (Hardy kiwi)

  • This kiwi variety is self-fertile and a single plant can pruduce more than 50 lbs. of fruit - very sweet if left to ripen on the vine.  The vines are vigorous, growing 20' long each season!  Pruning is best done in late winter (each stem back to 3-4 buds beyond last year's fruit area) and again in summer as needed to control plant size.  Best to train several vine stems along horizontal wires (like a grape plant) and prune off any growth that doesn't conform to the narrow plane.