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What Else Happens at Nikian Gardens?

Continuing from last week, Nikian has a Probiotics Business. This is "FM+", and is a mixture of beneficial microbes which enables plants to combat some pathogens as well inoculating the soil to help plants take up nutrients. See below:

Besides helping the gardens to grow well, it is also available as an additive to septic systems as a beneficial probiotic. Purchasers dilute the FM+ and add it to their septic system to enhance breakdown and sanitize waste. The micro-organisms in the FM+ are 'good bacteria' which enable non-polluting, non-chemical breakdown to take place in a faster, totally eco-friendly manner.

Meantime, the gardens continue to be splendid and captivating! It is 'Iris Season' now, with many types of these glorious flowers hitting their peak.

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