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'Tis the beginning of the harvest season.....

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Crops are coming on thick and fast at Nikian Gardens. It is a 'bumper crop' year, as well as one which is a few weeks early. Pictured above are cherry tomatoes which, after their time in the food dehydrator became dried 'coins of sunshine' for winter use. There are several different tomato types being grown: juice; paste; ground cherry; cherry; a number of fresh eating types, in colours from white [very pale yellow], to orange, pinkish, red, and red with green stripes.

There have been some wonderful Mediterranean meals as well as superb Mexican feasts, all from the vegetable garden's largesse [not to mention that this fine cuisine is 'magically conjured' by Niki and Ian]. Figs are yet ripening, and the eggplants have turned that deep purple-blue color 'aubergine'.

An eggplant which is going to be 'ginormous'

Peanut plants are flowering and I will do an article on growing peanuts at a later date.

The rice 'awns' have fallen off, indicating fertilization and therefore the grains will have begun forming. There are many types of peppers growing here: jalapenos, poblanos, sweet bell, hungarian hot wax.....

I shall sign off for now, while the hummingbirds continue their aerial battles over red Lobelia cardinalis, and barn swallows are seemingly gathering up [just counted sixteen in a group by the barn], before heading to warmer climes.

Maybe half of the vegetable gardens....

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