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Snappy blog - June 8, '21

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

People have been asking me 'What do Ian Curry and Niki Clark do at NikianGardens?'

Well, in answer to that question, I will highlight a few topics of interest to people in the next few blogs.

Yesterday, June 7th, a crew of interested friends gathered, to help plant the annual crop of rice. None of us had ever planted rice before. NikianGardens has been organically growing and harvesting a number of Japanese and Chinese rice cultivars since 2014 after much research and 'red tape'. The Gardens are the only growers of organic paddy rice in Eastern Canada. It should be mentioned here, that rice is a heavily chemically treated crop, with even well-known organic brands being found to have very high levels of arsenic [due to previous land use]. Personally, as I exhibit celiac disease, I cannot ingest any cereal crops that have had any gluten in them. Rice is gluten free, as corn is supposed to be also. However, many people besides myself react badly to these and other crops which are supposed to be free of gluten [oats being another]. The cause of these reactions has been found to be glyphosate used on the crops. There is much documented evidence for this. Health reasoning aside.....fresh rice is far more flavourful that that gotten from regular outlets.

Here are a few pictures of the rice seedlings:

Seedling plugs before planting

Beginnings of planting the paddy

Planting Crew

Seedlings planted

Large Snapping Turtle

Since putting in the ponds and paddys, the gardens are becoming a haven for all sorts of wildlife. Bird and reptile species have been thronging to the site. Above is a large female Snapping Turtle who was quite adamant about going about her business on planting day. We were all glad of her decision to enter the rice paddy in the area which had already been planted. As the growing season progresses, I will add a few more pictures.

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Fascinating to see a rice paddy in progress! Looking forward to more photos and details as the season develops.

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