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Rice growing with critters' help.....July 26, '21

Tassels of rice grains beginning

Here we are in high-summer already, with burgeoning vegetable gardens; glorious flowers; lush shrubs and trees! The rice crop is coming along very well, with much tillering of individual plants and therefore the potential of much rice. Watching the rice paddies in the evening [well, anytime really, but there seems more time in the eventide part of the day], one can observe unmistakable male cardinals singing and flitting; several types of flycatchers making repeated forays from tree branches to airspace above the paddies, grabbing insects; a number of dragonfly species which have been impossible for me to record on the camera in a clear manner. However, there are: 'Horse Darners'; 12 Spot Skimmers; Stream, Northern Bluets, as well as Spreadwing Damselflies. Later, there will be red Meadowhawks.

Bumblebee friends on Echinacea flowers

Hydrangeas are in full glory, making great froths of colour. There are a myriad of bees from the beautiful metallic-emerald sweat bees; to several bumble bee varieties; honey bees [apparently Nikian Garden's own, gone rogue....]; as well as various wasps, and robberflies, all taking advantage of the beautiful flowers' nectar.

A couple of several Hydrangea serrata

The magnificent Oakleaf Hydrangea, whose foliage will colour up in fall with shades of pinks, burgundy, reds.

Closeup of Oakleaf Hydrangea flowers

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What beautiful photos, and a very informative inventory of the various winged creatures visiting the gardens! Too bad we couldn't hear them on the blog. :-)

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