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Here we are again, a new week!

May 24., 2021

Plants have been flying out the door to customers, who place their orders online. I shall mention that we answer emails as promptly as possible, and may take 24 hours for a reply, as we are outside during all the fair daylight hours. Meantime, the flowering gardens are looking lovely, and the race is on amongst all in 'plant land', for 'who gets to grow the most' during summer.....

Vegetables are outgrowing the nursery, and are looking splendid. We have several tried and true tasty tomatoes for sale, and some lovely mixed lettuces . Check them in the products category.

I will end this week's blog with a couple reminders for this time of year, just in case they may have gotten lost in the mad spring shuffle:

Pruning can still be done on shrubs, best if bud-break hasn't quite happened, but still within the early-spring limits; spring fertilizing needs doing [if it wasn't done late last fall], with good helpings of well-rotted manure, bone meal/fish meal, wood ash, and well-rotted compost as well as seaweed that has been gathered and well rinsed [better even if it has been composted].

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