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Blog #3 June 1st, 2021

And so, we are into June but just. Gardens continue to be stunning, veggies are growing. We are gorging on fresh strawberries; asparagus; and the next crop of lettuces. Spinach and chard, an early spring crop in the greenhouse will soon be given over to the hens.....

Zuccini, pumpkin, squash, cucumber

One of many charming garden pathways

Greenhouse plants are ready for sales and planting; the vegetable gardens are being planted as I write. For those interested in pollinator plants, we have over sixty plant varieties here as well as 'feeder or nectar plants', for birds, insects and bats. There are several milkweed varieties for butterflies [and especially Monarch Butterflies. Milkweed is a nectar bearing plant that feeds many types of insects as well as butterflies]. Pollinator plants need to be planted in order to encourage our bee populations, because if we don't have bees, we have no food......

'The Girls'

Clematis 'Bluebird's

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The chickens are beautiful in amongst the gorgeous garden photos!

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