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This week at NikianGardens - July 16th, 2021

We are busy bees here, as produce rolls in out of the fields. Sour cherries have been picked, pitted and put away, ppp! Overgrown specimens are being dug, divided and potted up. The new stone wall is finished but for the finishing top course[s] of granite; chicken and horse rodeos have subsided for the moment.....

The two horses decided to go walkabout the other night, which they do very occasionally. They sampled some of most everything but did no damage save to the Little Bluestem prairie grass, which is a very beautiful native grass and has lovely flowering seed heads and late summer/fall coloration. Unfortunately, the one equine has a penchant for this grass [perhaps something in her seeming biological 'birthright?].There will be no flowers on it again this year.....

One of the two 'Walkabouts'

After the horses escape and 'capture', the chickens decided to revolt, two evenings in a row. In case any farmers are thinking we are bad fencers, we are not, BUT the livestock is canny. There is a canine[?] which has been chewing holes in the electric fence at night - presumably, the fence is not always 'on' and someone wily understands this.....The six hens, while reportedly only having pea-sized brains, are very good at utilizing [perhaps pooling] their brainpower and making forays into the wide world beyond. So, we all formed a posse to capture the six revolutionaries, and even the excavator operator was recruited.

Success was had for the captors. The chickens will live to plan future expeditions; the chewed fence has been fixed under the watchful and calculating eyes of all six hennies.

The Insurrectionists

The rice crop is beginning to set seed, and there will be a bumper crop this year!

Rice flowers in pollination stage

Meantime, tomatoes are looking healthy and productive, and it is 'lily time' in the flowering gardens.

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Haha! Great update on the colourful goings on at the Nikian Gardens! Thanks for the fun blog.

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