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Pause to Enjoy Autumn Beauty

While strolling through the gardens and orchards, checking on the harvest readiness of seeds, fruits and nuts, I began to appreciate the beautiful colours all around me that were starting to give that fall glow to the environment. The reds and golden yellows sparkle in the low light.

A blazing Asian pear tree amid the Hazelnuts

Always stunning Sumac and Burning bush (Euonymous alatus)

Golden Schisandra (Five-flavour berry) vines

And all combinations are glorious.

Many bright berries will welcome birds for the next several months, including Berberis, Cotoneaster, Mountain ash (Sorbus sp.), and rose hips on native bushes in the fields.

Wild apples hang on a bit longer.

This is the time when many grasses really shine... lovely in leaf and plume.

Grasses are gorgeous in all combinations.

The backdrop flames as the gardens go down, and every late bloom is treasured.

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