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Wonderful Textures- Sept.4th, 2021

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Magnolia sieboldii seed pods ripening

Each pointy segment will eventually split and a shiny seed will emerge, descend on a thread, ultimately germinate into the soil, and become a tree.

Harvest time is heavily upon us.....between forays into the garden to gather many pounds/kilograms of produce [beans, artichokes, dried peas, seed for next year], I will attempt a quick blog about the wonderful textures to be found in these grand gardens.

Magnolia soulangeana seed pod ripening

Peony suffruticosa seed pod

Aside from individual species portraits, there is also an amazing juxtaposition of textures and color, compliments of the creative landscapers.

Leaves of a young Empress Paulownia tree contrasting with golden Hakone grass

Young Asian Pears growing and ripening

For now, this is the blog for the week. On with harvesting......

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Love all the textures, and especially love-love-love the golden Hakone grass! Gorgeous textures and colours!

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