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Swathes of color - August 24, 2021

Subtle greys and browns of stone contrast wonderfully with color, texture and form of plants. This week I will let the gardens speak for themselves......

Take a stroll through Nikian Gardens with me and get a small taste of what is here to invigorate your senses.....

Early spring garden

Late spring, early summer lavenders, pinks, blues

Yellows and blues and greens

Summer phlox above stone walls

Late summer yellows and golds

Cooling summer greens

Late summer Echinacea [Coneflower] blooms and and ornamental Switch Grass

All for this week, Cheerio!

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1 Comment

Absolutely gorgeous, all of it!!! The "bones" (stone work) is a beautiful structure for the plantings. So restful to the visiting eye. :-)

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